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Functional programming in C#: What is missing?

The last years I have been developing business applications in C#. However if you would ask me, “what is your favorite programming language” I would still tell you Haskell. I really love functional programming. However if a customer, I would like an app with a nice user interface I would not use Haskell (or another functional programming language). User interfaces are really troublesome to create in a functional programming language. Because almost all applications that I create have some sort of user interface I never use functional programming languages. Of course we could use multiple programming languages to create a single application, create the formula’s in a functional programming language and the user interface in for instance C#, however I do not think this is the right answer. I rather program in one single language what makes it easier to work in teams, all team members need to know/learn one language and all team members can read and understand all code that is written fo…