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Determine query cost in Gremlin.NET on Comos DB

I found it hard to find the query cost when using Gremlin.NET on Cosmos DB.

The only way I found until now is to analyse the exception text when a RequestRateTooLargeException is thrown.

Typically the most resource intensive queries throw these exceptions so it is interesting to analyse the query costs for these specific queries.

ActivityId : 3ae242d9-09bd-4870-8e0c-5f3b56941726
ExceptionType : RequestRateTooLargeException
ExceptionMessage :
 Message: {"Errors":["Request rate is large"]}
 ActivityId: 3f4d0f5c-a776-4f41-ab9c-ee9f08d64ca4, Request URI:, RequestStats:
 ResponseTime: 2018-03-26T06:57:58.4519869Z, StoreReadResult: StorePhysicalAddress: , GlobalCommittedLsn: 7393074, PartitionKeyRangeId: , IsValid: True, StatusCode: 0, IsGone: False, IsNotFound: False, IsInvalidPartition: False, RequestCharge: 0.38, ItemLSN: -1, ResourceType: Document, OperationType: Query
 , SDK: documentdb-dotnet-sdk/1.20.0 Host/64-bit MicrosoftWindowsNT/6.2.9200.0